Monday, February 20, 2017

SE3EP7: Friday Night Carnival

"Ship's Log, Stardate 94743.23: 
This isn't so much a mission report as it is a recreational one.  Friends and I visited Teatro Zinzanni (my first time!) last Friday night, and we dressed for the occasion.

I wanted to wear something comfortable with flat shoes (since we'd be in a show venue with narrow aisles), but also something a bit circus-y or Wonderland-y, to go with the theme (Teatro in general, or the theme of the show that night, which was "Welcome to Wonderland").

Since I'm just not feeling it anymore with Wonder Cookie, I chose Electric Circus and went for a ringmaster theme, instead.

*  JSK - AatP Electric Circus in the Moonlight Night *
* Biscuit Bag - Swimmer *
* Everything else - Offbrand * 

And here is it worn:

I overheat easily, so please forgive the use of natural hair - I would have melted under a wig, and an updo keeps everything off of my neck and a little cooler.

The show was so much fun.  Our group of 5 shared a booth with another couple (who were delightful to meet, and the husband was a very good sport when he was picked for audience participation) and we enjoyed every minute of it.  It was a lot funnier and raunchier than I expected, and I was extremely impressed by the singing and acrobatics.   I'm sad to hear it will be closing down soon (the location where it sits has been purchased), but at least I got to go once!

That's it for this week's report, Bear signing off!"

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